Kimono froma scarf | 5 creative ways to give knots to your scarves and scarves
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5 creative ways to give knots to your scarves and scarves

5 creative ways to give knots to your scarves and scarves

The handkerchiefs or pashminas are no longer just used for warmth. In recent times, they have become an essential accessory when it comes to being fashionable. The shows step-by-step the most creative styles so you can use them at any occasion.

1. Modern tie

Get a modern look with this tie. Try on a scarf with bug prints and wear it with boots, jacket and some golden accessory.

2. Classical

If you want your work clothes to look more sophisticated, add a silk scarf around your neck. Wear soft colored scarves if you need to keep serious, but do not miss out on style!

3. Rabbit ear

On cold days, we can cherish our neck, without losing the elegance. For this, the ideal are scarves with many turns. That way you combine the aesthetic with the practical and you are ready for your business meeting.

4. Double rainbow

With two different colored scarves you can turn your look from simple to casual-chic. In this way, a blouse and jeans become appropriate clothes for a formal exit.

5. Tortoise’s neck

This style may remind us of flight attendants. But how about combining it with a long dress (maxi dress) and white sneakers? Complete it with a jacket and you’ll be ready for happy hour.

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