Kimono froma scarf | 5 interesting ways to wear scarves
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5 interesting ways to wear scarves

5 interesting ways to wear scarves

  • Infinite Loop

If you do not want to lose style in or out of the office, the scarf with infinite bow tie is what you should wear. Loose turns will protect you from the outside wind and you will not suffocate when you are in a warm place.

  • Fallen bow

Fallen lace is the right style to wear with leggings. Drop one of the long ends to the leg and complete the look with a high heel!

  • European

The European tie with a plaid scarf gives a casual British look and also will protect it from the cold. With jeans and low shoes, you’re ready to have tea with your friends. Do not forget to complement with accessories!

  • Basic

A thick knit scarf laced with the basic lace is the perfect choice to protect you from the cold. And it blends perfectly with all kinds of coats.

  • Shawl

You have a party, but have you worn the dress before? Renew your style by adding a shawl type scarf and no one will notice that you are wearing the same outfit. The choice of the model and the color is the key not to disagree.

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