Kimono froma scarf | Scarf: How to fold, match and wear
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Scarf: How to fold, match and wear

Scarf: How to fold, match and wear

There is a simple accessory that can bring an instant upgrade to the look with blazer, suit or costume: the pocket handkerchief , called pocket square in English. Today I will talk a little about how to fold, combine and use this piece that, although old, has had a revival in recent times and is with everything again.

First of all, on what occasions should you wear a handkerchief? The answer is simple: whenever you want to raise your style . Do not think it serves only formal occasions with a suit. You can adopt it also with blazer, in a more relaxed way.

If you pay attention to the red carpet, you will notice that many guys wear  scarves on their tuxedos . But on Instagrams and street style blogs the accessory is also present, creating a perfect pair with the blazer.

In a suit or blazer, on a formal or casual occasion  , there is always room for the pocket square in the look. The question is how to combine it the right way. And that’s something I’ll explain next.

The rule of thumb:  do not wear a scarf like your tie . It will look like you bought the two in one set – and that’s probably what happened. The purpose of the scarf is to add some interesting color or texture to the look.

If you want to play safe, borrow a color from another piece , such as the shirt or the tie itself. But with a different tone to exist contrast. For example, is the tie navy blue? Go in a blue-blue handkerchief. Manding patterns are released as well.

Or bet on the white handkerchief , an infallible classic. This is an ideal choice for an occasion that demands a lot of formality and seriousness , like a wedding or a graduation.

In short, there is no exact science behind this combination. It’s all about taste . If you’re feeling comfortable with the handkerchief you put on, that’s because you got it right.


Also called “presidenciável”, this fold is simple and versatile. It combines mainly with the white scarf and formal looks. Do you want one more reason to use it? It’s James Bond’s favorite choice.


With its triangle shape, it catches more attention than the straight fold. But it’s also a classic style, in which you can bet without fear.


Calm down, do not be alarmed by the step-by-step below. It may seem complicated, but the casual fold (or “puff”, as they call it in English) is the easiest of all. You simply take the handkerchief in the center, adjust with the other hand to become more compact, fold in the middle and fit in the pocket. Can be used with the round or pointed part up.

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