Kimono froma scarf | Scarf is the new necklace! Check out 5 Ways to Tie the Accessory
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Scarf is the new necklace! Check out 5 Ways to Tie the Accessory

Scarf is the new necklace! Check out 5 Ways to Tie the Accessory

A little while ago I showed you here in the column what are the essential pieces to have in the closet, remember girls? Among them is the scarf , an accessory that I consider to be super-wild and I always suggest it to my clients during fashion consultancies. Classic and timeless, it has been seen frequently in looks and is already considered the new necklace! And the advantage is that, because it is completely versatile, it can be used on the neck in different ways. Thinking about it, I’ve selected 15 super cool ways to tie you up!

1. Printed scarves are my favorite because they give an instant up in more neutral or monochromatic productions. Folding in triangle shape and tying back, leaving the front in V, is a super traditional and elegant way of wearing them.

2. An alternative to the previous one is to tie the scarf a little further from the neck and direct the V to one side. Do you realize that it looks like a collar? Beautiful and sophisticated!

3. Pierced in front and strapped back, the scarf looks like a necklace! It is the perfect option to be worn with that basic blouse, be it white, black or other neutral color.

4. When tied even closer to the neck, the scarf acts as a choker. For a chic look, try combining it with a beautiful dark sunglasses and a vibrant color lipstick (even better if the lipstick color is on the handkerchief too!).

5. Another creative and different way to use it is well attached to the neck, with several knots, which stand out in the accessory.

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