Kimono froma scarf | Tips on How to Wear Scarfs and Scarves
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Tips on How to Wear Scarfs and Scarves

Tips on How to Wear Scarfs and Scarves

Nothing better than bet on a nice accessory to value your look, is not it? Choosing, for example, a simple scarf or even a scarf you can give a repaginada in its production and leave it even more dazzling.

The accessories that have long been successful for the Egyptian queens can also help us a lot, as long as we have criteria to choose them and we know how to match the model with our look. So be sure to check out our tips and find the scarfs and scarves.

How to Rust Investing in Scarves

The scarf is an accessory that previously was only part of the winter looks, but it was seen that because it is an accessory that gives lightness to any production, it is totally possible to include it in any season.

From now on you can check out the various ways to use the scarf and how to match it with your style.

Traditional: If you are not very used to the handkerchief be sure to use it, then an excellent suggestion is to choose a narrow model and place it around the neck leaving the ends loose, as if it were a scarf.

Elegant production: If you want to add a touch of elegance to your look, know that this can be done simply with the aid of a handkerchief. As? Fold your handkerchief in half, place it around the neck and attach the ends to a brooch, but do not forget to leave a leftover on both sides.

Using the scarf instead of the belt: If you are tired of always wearing the belts on the waistband of your clothes and would like to leave your look a little more fun, how about replacing it with a nice scarf? If you liked the idea, just stretch the handkerchief, fold the opposite ends to the center of the handkerchief, repeat the process two more times and fold the handkerchief in half. Then just pass it through the two dowels that are in the center of the piece and cast off with a knot.

Head scarf: It is not only our neck that can be adorned with the beautiful scarf, since there are several ways to use the accessory on the head. You can attach two scarves of different prints and tie them on the head, you have the option of tying the scarf around your head and ending with a knot in the middle, besides having the option to use it as a turban. Anyway, just that you have a little creativity and know how to combine it with the style of your look.

Using the scarf instead of the bracelet: If you always like to innovate, you still have the option of changing the traditional bracelet to a beautiful scarf. Simply wrap one or two wraps around the wrist and complement, if you prefer, putting a watch and a few wristbands on it.

Scarf to decorate the bag: If you want to repaginate your bags, you can do this by using a scarf wrapped around the handle or even tying the handkerchief in the corner of your bag, finishing with a delicate bow.

We could suggest here so many other ways to complement your look using the scarf, but if you liked the ideas and would like to know a little more about it, check out some videos that bring other ideas and make your looks even more attractive.

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